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Paid SEO

Natural referencing is good, but paid referencing is even better! We offer you to create and manage your paid referencing campaigns also called SEA (Search Engine Advertising) or Ads campaigns.

Google Ads

How paid referencing works

Paid search campaigns work on the principle of cost per click, in practice Google bills according to the number of people who have clicked on your ad. We optimize the ads, keywords and bids related to them according to your budget to bring you as many qualified clicks as possible.

The advantages of SEA SEO

  • Speed: You have immediate results (your ad is present in 48 hours) which can generate visitors when launching a site or a new offer.
  • The clarification: The really targeted audience because people who come to the site through this are more likely to buy than those who come from an organic link.
  • Efficiency: You get results that are measurable down to the click of a button. You get a clear overview of your ad's performance through detailed reports.
  • Flexibility: You can define the ads that give the best results and thus modify the configuration of your campaign in real time.
  • Mastery: You have defined a monthly budget to which you have set precise limits. Your budget is under control.

In summary

The SEO strategy you choose depends on your goals and your constraints: SEA or SEO. Each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages. So the ideal is to be able to combine the two and to benefit from optimal SEO optimization.