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Social SEO

Today, 85% of Belgians use social networks to chat but also to buy products. More and more social networks allow you to advertise your company and even sell products directly on a social network.

Social networks help your SEO

Indeed, Google and other search engines are taking more and more into account the presence and activity on social networks.

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What are the objectives of an SMO strategy?

From lead generation to the development of your reputation, including the promotion of your content, there are many advantages to be gained from SMO. Your presence on social networks is mainly used for:

Drive traffic to your site

The SMO is an effective strategy to increase your audience. The posts you publish on social networks, the links you include in your blog posts or in your comments on the forums all help redirect people to your site. Which is sure to improve your search engine ranking.

Reach as many prospects as possible

By using social media, you gain wide coverage that allows you to reach large numbers of consumers. By adopting a targeted strategy, you increase your chances of making contact with potential customers.

Retain your customers

One of the major advantages of social media is this possibility of interaction between the brand and consumers. This transparency gives your customers confidence and allows for a solid bond with them.